Software Design


A simple Jupyter kernel for Stata based on pystata. Requires Stata 17 or above. Consider stata_kernel instead if you have an older version of Stata.


See for instructions.

Auto-Switch Taskbar

Auto-Swtich Taskbar (ASTb) is an open-source free utility that automatically hides or shows the taskbar on Windows 10 depending on tablet mode and orientation.

By default,

  • The taskbar is hidden when the device is in tablet mode and portrait orientation.
  • The software is installed for all users, but each user can set their own custom settings.
You can change settings by launching ASTb from the start menu while it is running in the background.

Tablet Mode Detection

Windows modifies a registry value whenever Tablet Mode is activated or deactivated. This modification is often made after significant delay, in the magnitude of several hundred milliseconds. Because this delay seems to vary between different devices, starting with version 1.1, Tablet Mode detection is conducted through a "reverse mode" by default—when ASTb detects a change in Tablet setting, it assumes that Windows has yet to change the corresponding registry value, and thus the value means the opposite of what it suppose to be.

The reverse mode should work well in practice, but if you prefer you can switch back to the old method by specifying the delay before ASTb read the registry value. A delay of 500ms should work in most cases.

Change Log

1.2-Detect screen orientation and tablet mode when resuming from sleep.
1.1-Allow change in tablet mode detection.

Installer: v1.2
Source: GitHub


Uses the Playstation Move controller as a multi-function Windows controller. Features include:

  • Cursor control with built-in stablization algorithm.
  • Repositioning, minimizing and closing applications Windows.
  • Scrolling and zooming.
  • Launching start menu and switch between desktops

MOVEpoint is based on moveframework, an open-source Windows interface for the Move controller, with the same requirements:

  1. A Playstation Move controller and a Playstation Eye Camera. You will need the CL-Eye driver.
  2. Bluetooth adapter:
    • On Windows 7 or below, you can use Window's built-in Bluetooth stack. Instructions are here. Basically, you have to keep pressing the PS button on the Move controller while pairing.
    • On Windows 8 or above, you have to use MotionInJoy driver. Search MotionInJoy_071001_signed online for the driver.
      • Because the signature of the driver has expired in 2014, whenever you want to install the driver using the included DS3 Tool, you must set your computer clock to a date in 2014.
      • Since the MIJ driver only works with game controllers, it is advised that you use a dedicated Bluetooth adapter for this purpose.

Source: GitHub

Mouse Pointer Mover

Mouse Pointer Mover was developed for the original Samsung Q1 UMPC, converting its built-in keyboard arrow keys to mouse movement.

Executable and source: v1.0.0.16


NumPad is an on-screen keyboard designed back in the days when Windows did not have one built in.

Executable and source: v1.0.0.52


BlokSet is a software providing several ways of limiting how much time one can spend on MMORPG's, or any software in general. It is developed for Chapter 2 of my doctoral thesis, and should be viewed as a proof of concept rather than a full-fledged product.

This version does not contain the monitoring software used in the research study.

Installer: 2.3.4